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The Brown Family
All about BROOKLYN
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Click here to visit Brooklyn's Archived Web Page for her birth story and newborn pics!

May, 2005
Brooklyn is now 17 months old. What a spitfire!!! She's always on the move and loves to climb!!  Brooklyn was diagnosed as having lazy eye in February and she has to wear an eye patch 6 hours a day for 2 years.  It's been going alright, lately we can't seem to keep the patch on her and it seem the only alternative would be to restrain her hand and I won't do that.  She loves loves loves music and dancing! She also loves to eat!! we finished nursing March 31st and that went better than I expected, but doing it slowing helps.  Brooklyn loves to smear her food or drink in her hair!!!!!! or if she can stick her hands in the toilet bowl she wets her hair! She has lots of teeth and almost all her molars!!! She can point to all of her body parts, here is a list of words she is saying or has said: DaDa, Jordan, Up, Get Set, Thank You, What That?, woof woof, meeeeeeoooowwwww, Mama, hot, drink, juice, please...they're not all clear as a bell obviously but we know what she is saying. She understands everything we say - EVERYTHING.
After being a pretty lousy sleeper for her first year, she is awesome now, she goes to bed very easy, I just rock her for a few minutes (well her and about 5 of her dolls), put her in her crib (awake) and turn on her music, she doesn't fuss at all!
She is Daddy's little girl - big time - she has him wrapped around her little pinky!!!! As much as Jordan was calm, quiet and laid back - she's active, vocal and into everything! it's so interesting how different they are.

January 2005 - 13 months!
Well lets see alot of changed in the past few months.  Brooklyn is walking EVERYWHERE, she's been walking fully since about her birthday. Now she actually spins around in circles and likes to be chased. Me going back to work went much smoother than I had anticipated.  She started sleeping through the night about 2 nights before I started back and she handled me being gone really well, didn't cry at all (I was shocked!) She's not saying any words yet besides 'Mom' (when she's upset) and "watdat??".  Brooklyn is content and strong-willed at the same time, she can be very demanding and is quick to throw a crying fit if she doesn't get her own way, mainly because she does NOT want to give up nursing, I'm trying to wean her and she gets so mad at me and will go and find her nursing pillow (which is bigger than she is) and try and drag it over to me - it's kind of cute and hard to resist though.  She's also very determined to get into anything she can, ie the fridge door if we open it, cupboards, garbage can, toilet - anything and everything, and she's so quick now
Brooklyn loves getting a bath (see pics) when I am running the water she grunts and tries to take off her clothes while trying to pull herself up on the tub! She doesn't like to stay in more that 10 minutes though - after that she lets you know she wants out and all she wants to do is run around wet!
Brooklyn turned 1 on December 10th, 2004 and we had a nice evening - she got lots of great gifts and we thank everyone who came to celebrate with us.

November 1st, 2004 - 10 1/2 months
***I am now retyping this entry since Brooklyn reached up pushed one button and deleted everything I had just typed***
Did I mention that Brooklyn is a little devil? it's a good thing she's so cute!!! She can stand on her own now and has attemped to take a step or two and we still think she'll be walking by her 1st birthday....which is (too) fastly approching.   We've still not had her proffessional portraits taken, we've tried twice and couldn't get the two of them to sit still together that was a several months ago and since then Brooklyn always has some bruise or scratch on her face,  she is so full of spunk and energy and is constantly crashing or banging into something.  She is somewhat a fussy eater, she will only eat toast, cheese (her fav) some baby food, she is still nursing and does not want to give that up. 
Brooklyn loves music! her hips start twisting and her head starts bopping it's so adorable, her favorite song is 'Hey Mama' by Black Eyed Peas!
Brooklyn is SUPER attached to me and we are having a difficult time getting her to stay with babysitters, she just cries and looks all over for me so this is a huge worry considering I am going back to work in 4 weeks! This is going to be a big reality check for her.   Plus she is STILL not sleeping through the night which is going to kill me when I have to get up for work at 6am
***She just tried to delete this all again!! - turkey!***

Sept 25th 2004 - 9 1/2 months
Today Brooklyn "walked" with her walker! she got halfway down the hallway before falling, but she just pulled up and did it again! She has learned to wave "Bye Bye" or "Hi" and it's so adorable!
She is so BAD!! a normal baby way that is!! It's just that we didn't go through alot of this with Jordan I guess because she is just so mobile..but she is into everything, everywhere!!! and she knows now when I say 'no' that she shouldn't be doing it and she gets this wicked little grin and does it anyway.  When she wakes up in her crib or when she is looking for me she cries "", she still has just 4 teeth and loves to put everything she can find in her mouth.  She ADORES Jordan to pieces and thinks everything he does is hilarius! She has been doing much better at going to bed in her crib at night but is still waking up a couple of times. She loves for me to chase her and boy can she crawl..laughing all the way. Although both great babies she and Jordan are very different at this stage and it will be interesting to see how much they are alike or disalike as they both get older. 

August 24th, 2004 - 8 /12 months
Brooklyn is into EVERYTHING!!!! Two weeks ago she learned (on her first try) to pull up to standing and hasn't stopped since! She pulls up on anything she can and enjoys hanging on with one hand and balancing, she also learned within a day how to fall back on her bum. She now has 3 teeth popped through and doesn't seem to be to put out by it.  She's been crawling for months now and it's very new to us because Jordan never did crawl, he rolled everywhere and he was 11 months old before he pulled to standing.  Brooklyn still gets up a couple of times a night for a quick feeding and will not sleep in her crib yet so we are looking forward to that.  She loves bath time and will splash around in the water for ever.  I think she has a bit of the viral infection Jordan had last week as she had her first fever last night but she seems fine today. Her worst habit still is pulling peoples hair, it's almost like an addiction for her especially my hair when she is nursing!  She is so full of spunk and energy and she is constanlty making us laugh!!

June 2004 - 6 months old
Brooklyn is doing great! She had her 6 mos check up this week and now weighs 19.3 pounds which is right on track (6 mos olds should be about double their birth weight), she also got her needles and didn't even flinch! she is a very strong girl - much rougher than Jordan was! I think she'll give him a run for his money when they are older! She can roll over both ways and has been for a couple of months and is able to stay in a sitting position when helped up. Her favorite pastime is chewing on her feet - I think she may be teething because she is drooling alot more and waking up a couple of more times throughout the night.  Brooklyn was Baptized on May 2nd - a special thanks to Uncle Bob (God Father) and Aunt Melody (God Mother) and everyone who celebrated with us!! Brooklyn looked gorgeous in her gown and both she and Jordan were excellent through the long church service!
I took Brooklyn into the bank with me the other day and the teller litterally took her right out of my hands and started ooohing and ahhing over  how cute she is, another lady from the bank promptly took her and starting showing her off the everyone who worked at the  bank!!! she came back a minute later and asked "how old is she and what's her name?" and took off again with her - Brooklyn all smiles for everybody! so Brooklyn was off on a tour of the bank for about 4 minutes!!

April 2004 - 4 months old
Brooklyn truly is a dream baby,  she hardly ever cries, sleeps great still and all anyone has to do is make eye contact with her and she gives them a big grin...we are so lucky to have such great kids. Brooklyn is very alert and sometimes I swear I can see her thinking.  She is starting to interact more with Jordan...'talking to him' and trying to grab his face when he's talking to her. Unlike Jordan she loves to suck on either her thumb or her 3 middle fingers. At her 4 month check up she weighed 17.8 pounds and got her second set of needles. We're going to start her on some cereal this week, she very interested in watching us eat and trying to grab our food so it should be interesting!

February 22, 2004 - 10 weeks
Brooklyn is growing like a weed! At her recent 2 month check up she weighed 14lbs! still off the charts in size - what can I say? I grow 'em big! She had her first set of needles and really hardly cried at all (as usual). The doctor said she is doing great and that she seemed more bright/alert and strong than most babies her age!! The only thing we have to watch is her head, the doctor said she could see minor flattening of the back of the head which they see only in content babies (and some more prone than others) who are happy to be in the swing or carrier  etc.... luckily Brooklyn has just started to enjoy being on her tummy.
She smiles as soon as she makes eye contact with someone and has the sweetest desposition ever, she is extremely laid back and calm.  Her sleeping schedule is about the same (getting up once a night for a quick feeding). We are definately enjoying the baby stage with Brooklyn, we did as well with Jordan but we were always waiting for the next milestone...with Brooklyn we just want her to take her time - we've learned that they grow up way to fast :(